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Kaldi, The Legendary Coffee Finder

If you know that Ethiopia is the origin of Arabica coffee, you don’t know the full story yet. The story began in the ...

Figures of Beans

Get to Know Three Important Figures in the History of Coffee Beans: For some people, hearing the alarm goes hand in hand with ...

What You Need to Know About The Famous Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopia has made it to the list of the top 5 coffee-producing countries. It only produces Arabica coffee, which comes from Coffea arabica plant. ...

The Remarkable Female Who Saved the Coffee

The founder of Amaro Gayo Coffee Asnakech Thomas is the first Ethiopian female coffee producer who founded Amaro Gayo Coffee in 2005. She ...

10 Tips to Make an Excellent Cup of Coffee

Here are simple tips for you to make that perfect cup of coffee at home. Starting from the coffee you buy, the flavors ...

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